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Who we are.

Despite what you might think, we are NOT part of or affiliated with the Anonymous collective. We also don't encourage people to be part of that collective. All we do is to provide you an anonymous platform for your right to freedom of speech.

If you find any abusive or illegal post, immediately send an e-mail with the post number to abuse@blackwallapp.com and we will take care of it and remove the post if needed. We do not tollerate any illegal or abusive posts.


We believe in the fundamental right to freedom of speech for everyone world wide. For this purpose, Black Wall provides you a new and secure platform.

What you get.

BlackWall is secure and trimmed to protect your privacy. Share text, images and animated GIFs in total anonymity.
We won`t collect or save private data.
We only use encrypted connections.
We only transfer obfuscated GPS data, and only if you want so.
All data will be deleted completely after 7 days.


With the innovative map feature you can browse for posts in areas where you are interested in.

But, to protect your privacy and to stay up to date, all posts will be deleted after 7 days.

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